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Estelle Desroches appointed CEO of Cyclife | EDF Cyclife

Thanks to its unique industrial and technological assets, Cyclife brings sustainable and innovative solutions based on advanced technology, such as robotics and digital... To make a success of these ambitious projects in such short space of time requires continuing the transformation project initiated to build strong synergies between Cyclife and EDF and to mobilise all the players around these challenge s".

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Our News | EDF Cyclife

The team at Cyclife UK with its own digital modelling support, DEMplus ® for nuclear, has completed the initial optioneering, engineering development, off-site testing of more than 1 000 stainless steel drums of low-level waste handling equipment and the civil engineering enabling works... Through this strategic acquisition, Cyclife a subsidiary of EDF, reaffirms its ambition to become the European leader in the management of radioactive waste and in the deconstruction and dismantling of nuclear facilities, by offering a unique offer integrating digital services dedicated to the control and optimization of these major operations.

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Find out EDF Pulse Africa Awards' finalists | EDF Pulse Africa

The boxes are a good step forward in the digital transformation and the digital economy by giving everyone access to any type of content, and this, without connection to the Internet. But in addition, it allows to do it in the absence of conventional energy through the use of solar technology that makes a box connected and accessible .

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it was disclosed separately on 22 April 5 2016 .- 5 The press release from the French Minister of Finance and Public Accounts and the Minister of the Economy, Industry and the Digital Sector is available here... Industry and the Digital Sector, which aims to promote innovation by defining a framework of good practices between large companies and startups or SMEs.

EDF digital transformation : change with its employees | EDF Group

As EDF believes in the creativity of its employees, every year for the past seven years, the EDF Pulse in-house awards have honoured those employees behind one of the most innovative projects in areas related to the Group's strategy: low-carbon generation, clients and territories, health and safety and risk prevention, industrial performance, digital transformation, simplification and empowerment.

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EDF and the CEA consolidate their collaboration in the field of R&D in relation to nuclear, digital technology and energy transition | EDF FR

The renewed partnership with the CEA is helping to consolidate our ambitions for digital transformation, including in particular in the field of the nuclear industry... The broader, strengthened partnership with EDF confirms the recognition of the highest international levels achieved by the CEA's teams, not only in its traditional areas of expertise- calculation codes, neutron transport, non- destructive testing- but also in new strategic fields represented by digital transformation and the factory of the future, as well as technology for energy transition.

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