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Sanya Integrated Energy | EDF Asie

With the support of EDF's R&D Center in China, EDF proposes a multi-energy system which innovatively integrates and optimizes different types of cooling. In addition to the use of high performance chillers, the cold is also stored in the ice overnight when there is low demand for air-conditioning and the cost of electricity is less expensive .

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You are among the experts selected to bring their eyes on the different projects of the 2018 edition, how do you perceive your mission ? This is a great opportunity that EDF offers me, because entrepreneurs need both visibility and funding; this type of awards allows them to better work on their projects and make them" bankable" and especially to be highlighted.

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A long-standing cooperation between EDF and South Africa | Afrique du Sud

EDF has developed numerous nuclear sites both domestic and worldwide (of which 19 sites in France), in various environments (sea / river, hot / cold conditions, different types of soils, seismic areas, green / brown fields...) . EDF studied the various environmental impact reports drafted in 2007 as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process launched in South Africa and has gathered a good knowledge of the two potential sites Thyspunt in Oyster Bay and Duynefontein in the North of Koeberg NPP .

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Cookies | Afrique du Sud

the types of cookies used... Cookies allow EDF and its partners to pursue several different purposes, which are set out below... Type of equipment used.

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A-Vibes: simulating a robot e-taxi fleet | EDF FR

In this model developed internally, it tested taxi fleet performance under different charging strategies and different types of vehicles (non- autonomous and autonomous vehicles). The study suggests that the fleet performance is improved under autonomous taxi fleet with smart charging strategy compared traditional taxi fleet .

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Climate International Observatory - Production of CO2 and energies

When switching from positions of principle to the need to build different types of electric power station" to reduce greenhouse gas emissions", respondents expressed a more open-minded opinion. As concerns nuclear, there is majority support for the construction of power plants as a substitute for gas or coal in 26 of the 30 countries questioned .

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On site services | Cyclife

Each mobile machine conditions different types of waste at production sites. Mercure mobile machines, for example, treat ion exchange resins used to purify the water in nuclear power plant systems .

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