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eco-conception | EDF France

Digital technology is a tremendous lever for consuming less energy more efficiently... This has been carried out in several stages and in accordance with different approaches.


Territory services | EDF Germany

Led in consortium with Mott MacDonald and N' CO Conseil, our mission provides a comprehensive approach in 3 steps: a diagnosis of the portfolio considering the carbon scopes, a prospective low carbon strategy with a 2050 pathway from the real estate masterplan with actions based on referenced procedures (CRREM, SNBC), and a reporting methodology and tool to follow relevant KPIs and measure the energy and carbon impact of the different workable levers.

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Designing and building the nuclear plant of tomorrow | EDF FR

Today, 200 different kinds of professionals are working simultaneously on this technology, from design to commissioning... Three levers have been put in place to increase competitiveness.

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EDF acquires e2m and strengthen its position in the field of decentralised energy management in Europe | EDF FR

The energy transition, which the EDF Group has embraced with its CAP 2030 strategy, is bringing together many different stakeholders and technologies. Its decentralised, multifaceted nature means that we need to explore lots of different options at the same time to determine which will be the major solutions of tomorrow, in order to start developing them today.

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