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The development of renewable energies through innovation. Communication specialist of international organizations and institutions, Johanna Niedzialkowski started her career in the French diplomatic network (Dakar & Paris) . A graduate of CELSA, she was in charge of communication at the Ministry of National Education before joining 2iE in Burkina Faso.

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eco-conception | EDF France

We do not look at eco-design from the angle of digital sobriety, synonymous with decline, but rather aim for the concept of digital efficiency: "our tools must achieve their goal using as few resources as possible"... optimising the management of our CMS, the tool that distributes our pages. Building a CO 2 neutral energy future that combines protecting the planet, well-being and development through electricity and innovative services and solutions: this is the EDF Group's purpose.



-Development of a diagnostic tool for the measurement transformers which enables the early detection of degradation of the insulation capabilities. The tool can be used in the grid without disrupting the operations .

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EDF has announced the acquisition of Oreka Solutions, a start-up specialising in digital solutions for the decommissioning of nuclear power plants | EDF FR

This tool can also be used in other sectors, such as new building developments, maintenance or dismantling of non- nuclear industrial sites... For Sylvain Granger, Director of EDF Group for dismantling and waste management projects, "OREKA SOLUTIONS has brought additional skills in digital simulation into the EDF Group, which will benefit the 9 dismantling sites in progress in France, but will also improve the relevance and competitivity of EDF Group offers on the international market; this operation is, incidentally, a continuation of the long-term partnership with the CEA (The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) for the development of digital tools that can be used for decommissioning".

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Cyclife Digital Solutions and Graphitech are partners of the European project Innov4Graph | Cyclife

This application checks the feasibility of operations during the removal of graphite bricks using simulations of several scenarios to improve the efficiency and ensure the reliability of the new tools under development. You will find attached the official press release explaining how Innov4Graph project, through the development of physical and digital tools, as well as methods to support the decommissioning of European graphite reactors, is trying to answer questions such as "What are the most optimal ways to dismantle graphite reactors ?", "What remote tools can help operators to safely remove radioactive graphite ?" and" What solutions will be the most cost-efficient for dismantling operations in reactors of such complexity and dimensions ?".

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