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The software bricks and services offered by Quadrica are great tools for decision support or site preparation that we will integrate into Cyclife's unique offer to optimize, in a systemic logic, dismantling and waste treatment .". About Quadrica.

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which will contribute to the preparation and implementation of decisions taken by the Nuclear Policy Council (Conseil de Politique Nucléaire. Action plan presented on 22 April 2016 to support the Group's development under the CAP 2030 strategy o o o o Net investments (excluding Linky and excluding new developments) optimised by close to 2bn in 2018 compared to 2015.

EDF opens an office in Warsaw dedicated to the preparation of EDF's offer for 4 to 6 EPR reactors in Poland and appoints Thierry Deschaux as its Managing Director | EDF FR

On 12 July 2021, EDF announced the opening of its office in Warsaw fully dedicated to supporting the preparation of a comprehensive nuclear proposal tailored to the Polish market. The decision to anchor EDF's nuclear activity in Warsaw confirms EDF's long-term commitment to support the Polish nuclear ambition.

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The French government takes the decision to create a state monopoly... The French government takes the decision to create a state monopoly for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity... EDF upgrades its transmission grid and diversifies its generating resources to support the growth in demand for electricity.

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