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Combined cycle gas turbine power plants | EDF France

With their flexible operation and reduced environmental impact, combined cycle gas turbine power plants (CCGT) improve energy efficiency and... In addition to reducing the amount of fuel required, CCGT power plants emit only half the amount of carbon dioxide (CO 2) and one-third the amount of nitrogen oxides (NO x), and virtually eliminate emissions of sulphur dioxide (SO 2) compared with conventional fossil-fired generation resources, coal-fired plants in particular.

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EDF and GE sign a strategic cooperation agreement for the planned construction of 6 EPRs in India | EDF France

This agreement lays the foundations for a long term partnership concerning the construction of the conventional island* on each of the 6 reactor units. GE Power will design the conventional island for the Jaitapur nuclear plant and supply its main components... EDF will be responsible for engineering integration covering the entire project (nuclear island, conventional island and auxiliary systems) and will provide all the requisite input data.

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Water in a high temperature heat pump to protect the environment

The main advantages are that it can produce heat of up to 130 °C (compared to 70 °C for conventional heat pumps) and it is highly energy-efficient with minimal impact on the environment... A minor revolution which offers industrial customers a chance to become less reliant on gas boilers to improve the energy performance of their sites, and to cut both operating costs and CO2 emissions, all thanks to water and to PACO.

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Find out EDF Pulse Africa Awards' finalists | EDF Pulse Africa

But in addition, it allows to do it in the absence of conventional energy through the use of solar technology that makes a box connected and accessible. NANOE is a collective solution for production, storage and distribution of solar energy locally .

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EDF Thermal Engineering, international expert of thermal power plants in the Middle East

The Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) plant at Bouchain: a flagship project, a high energy efficiency power plant... The VIB360 software can trouble-shoot a reciprocating engine and diagnose malfunctions, warn the operator before any downgrading of performance, or handle a sudden engine failure without the need for conventional maintenance, thus providing high-quality and trustworthy expert appraisals through anticipation, resulting in cost savings.

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Innovate | EDF Luminus

Together with the EDF Group, we are convinced that the conventional concept of energy now needs to be revised and the best and most sustainable solutions need to be provided. Quality and innovation are indeed the basis for EDF Luminus's range of innovative and sustainable energy solutions for private, professional and industrial customers .

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