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Exclusive: EDF unveils a new range of green services | EDF France

This plan allows customers to go one step further and make savings on their electricity bill by transferring their consumption during the week to the weekend. They can adjust their level of consumption from day to day and in Euros via the EDF&Moi app .

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Digital energy efficiency solutions | EDF France

Customers are increasingly involved in their energy consumption... The Group and its subsidiaries undertake to provide those customers who so wish innovative digital solutions that will become increasingly effective as technology evolves, while the rollout of smart meters will allow them to keep a close eye on their consumption and save energy.

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5 award-winning projects | EDF Pulse Africa

Black Star Energy's mini-grids have very high availability (over 98 %) ;they allow customers to know their energy consumption and pay their bills via mobile phone... In addition, these kiosks are also a point of sale for products and services adapted to local needs (sanitary products, filters and chlorine tablets, telecommunication services, savings and microfinance systems).

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News | EDF Pulse Africa

This start-up offers digital solutions to optimize electric consumption while saving energy. Apps, captors, detectors, algorithms... So many digital solutions to help them both improving their agricultural tools management and their water consumption .

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EDF : an integrated energy company in Italy

EDF Fenice, 100 % subsidiary of Edison SpA in EDF Group, provides its clients with tailor-made energy efficiency solutions and environmental services to reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact... Citelum guides cities and industries towards a world of more intelligent light, more savings and more reliability.

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Dalkia Group acquires Fenice Rus | EDF Russia

Dalkia: leader in energy savings in France... Dalkia rises to the challenge of the energy transition and provides its clients with expertise covering the entire energy chain, from energy supply to optimisation of their energy consumption, as well as operation and maintenance of installations.

Innovative battery storage solution for C&I customer | EDF Germany

The storage system can adapt the plant's energy consumption to changing network conditions, thereby saving the company grid fees and making an important contribution to an effective energy transition in Germany. The peak-shaving process: batteries are installed behind the meter, so directly integrated into Malteurop's power grid .

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