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EDF strives to double its turnover by 2025 for energy services aimed at businesses and local authorities | EDF Asie

Our goal is to double our turnover by 2025, at least a quarter of which will be generated internationally, and to achieve a turnover of 11 billion Euros by 2030 . The new brand, EDF Solutions Energétiques, epitomises EDF's ambition when it comes to energy solutions as well as the Group's ability to offer a comprehensive range of competitive products and innovative, customised services to our clients.

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Off Grid Electric and EDF team up in offering a new off-grid solar power solution for rural areas in West Africa | EDF Afrique

"Off Grid Electric is the perfect partner for EDF, with its excellent knowledge of the African continent and a proven track record of providing innovative and competitive solar solutions, "said Simone Rossi, EDF Group Senior Executive Vice President, International Division. He also stressed that" EDF is delighted to partner with Off Grid Electric, thus enabling the latter to benefit from the Group's extensive expertise in the area of customer relations .


EDF strengthens its presence in Africa | EDF Afrique

Off Grid Electric and EDF create the company ZECI, for the launch of a new off-grid solar power solution for rural areas in West Africa. Off Grid Electric, a leading distributed solar company in Africa, and EDF, a global leader in low-carbon energies, today announced a partnership to supply competitive off-grid solar energy in Africa.

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Hynamics | Hynamics

Hynamics, a subsidiary of EDF Group, supports you in the development of your low-carbon and renewable hydrogen solutions with a turnkey offer... Hynamics defines a tailor-made hydrogen solution with local experts and partners, via a feasibility and execution study to meet your needs... High-performance equipment at competitive prices.

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Four startups specializing in Off-grid eletricity production qualify for the final! | EDF Pulse Africa

The solution consists mainly of... SolarCreed provides African farmers with subscription- based, next-generation solar energy solutions for optimized production... It is a subscription model (36- month lease), applied to solar-powered long-life lithium-ion batteries (35Wp) and 400 Lumen LEDs to provide up to 10 hours of lighting . this solution effectively replaces the diesel and gasoline used by Nigerian farmers.

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Increasingly competitive environment Wholesale power prices at historically low levels... Sales were negatively affected by the decrease in the average number of residential customers to 5 2 million, down 4 % compared to the first quarter 2015, due to still highly competitive conditions and to the mild weather . Italy.

Presentation | EDF FR

EDF builds on the expertise of its people, its R&D and engineering skills, its experience as a leading industry operator and the attentive support of its customers to deliver competitive solutions that successfully reconcile economic growth with climate protection. In Asia, EDF Group built a strong industrial experience with large low-carbon generation capacities in China, India and South East Asia, and is providing rapidly growing customers with advanced & reliable solutions in Energy Services and Smart Grids .

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CEA, EDF, Naval Group and TechnicAtome unveil "NUWARD"TM: jointly developed Small Modular Reactor (SMR) project | EDF FR

On September 17th 2019, during the IAEA General Conference in Vienna, CEA, EDF, Naval Group and TechnicAtome unveiled" NUWARD" TM, their jointly developed SMR project, a PWR- based solution to meet the growing world demand for decarbonized, safe and competitive electricity generation, in the 300 400 MWe range.

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EDF energy services : Supporting our clients on a daily basis

As energy performance is now at the heart of the economic challenges faced by companies, EDF is developing competitive energy solutions that are adapted to the specific and long-term needs of companies, both small and large. In your region.

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