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EDF launches Hynamics, a subsidiary to produce and market low-carbon hydrogen | EDF France

For mobility providers, both public and professional, Hynamics helps link up different areas with service stations to provide hydrogen to recharge fleets of commercial vehicles, like trains, buses, bin lorries, utility vehicles and means of waterway transport. These services constitute an additional asset for the Electric Mobility Plan announced by the Group in October 2018 .

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Electrolytic hydrogen to decarbonize the economy | EDF France

mobility providers, both public and professional, by helping to link up different areas with service stations to provide hydrogen to recharge fleets of commercial vehicles, like trains, buses, utility vehicles and means of waterway transport. Working with industry and different regions by supporting their decarbonation projects is a challenge that Hynamics plans to embrace with a solution for producing hydrogen without CO2 emissions with multiple uses and in an economically efficient way .

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EDF intends to become Europe's leading e-mobility energy company by 2022. | EDF Asie

Becoming the leading power supplier for electric vehicles by 2022. EDF is aiming to supplying power for 600 000 electric vehicles, equating to 30 % of market share in France, the UK, Italy and Belgium. Starting in 2019, the Group will present each of these markets with a fully integrated range of offerings including low carbon electricity, a charging solution for all its customers with access to a parking space, and services geared towards optimised charging and use of the vehicle's battery.

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Join us | EDF Asie

Conduct studies related to development of smart charging, optimization of charging of EV, V2G, smart parking, and internet of vehicles... -Commercial negotiations skills.

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News | EDF Pulse Africa

Why do Africa's rural inhabitants use a motorcycle to reach villages where they can charge their phones, while they can use this very same vehicle's energy to do the same in their own place ?... Energy Cycle" was born from this observation: it offers a USB device that can be directly plugged on two-wheeled vehicles, either they are owned by a person or a company.

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Discover our references in urban and energy planning consultancy | Urbanomy

For the real estate department of a major French financial institution, Groupe Caisse des Dépôts, we are providing a decarbonisation and compliance strategy for its operated commercial portfolio... We delivered cartographies on multiple layers of stakes, such as energy (solar potential, energy efficiency, decarbonisation of heat etc .), mobility (rollout of electric vehicle charging infrastructure etc .), environment (nature capital and carbon sinks), quality of life, attractivity, and local community engagement.

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Our news and projects | Hynamics

First-phase installation of a 1 MW renewable hydrogen station for the short circuit supply of 5 buses from the Leo network (Transdev) and light commercial vehicles from autumn 2021 . This station is more widely involved in the creation of a large-scale ecosystem conducive to the emergence of new hydrogen projects to decarbonise uses throughout the territory.

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Russia and CIS Media Center | EDF Russia

In order to accelerate the energy transition and to achieve the carbon neutrality, EDF is actively developing solutions for electric vehicles, hydrogen-fuelled mobility and biomass... Clémence Robin, Commercial Director of Citégestion, an EDF Group subsidiary.

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