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Temperate Technologies | EDF France

Farmgate cold rooms can help in decreasing the enormous wastage of fresh fruits and vegetables that happens every day in our country. They can also help in increasing farmer incomes and are inline with Doubling Farmers ' Income initiative of Government of India .

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Three projects in the category specializing in the production of electrical uses and services will participate in the final. | EDF Pulse Africa

Solar Freeze's solar units effectively replace coal-fired cold rooms in Kenya. In the past, to store perishable food, farmers used cold rooms that drew their energy from charcoal obtained from incinerated trees... To solve this big problem, Solar Freeze's founders have developed cold rooms that are less polluting and operate on solar energy.

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News | EDF Pulse Africa

Coldhubs, NIGERIA-, a young Nigerian start-up, offers 100 % solar-powered cold rooms used by famers and retailers. Implanted near market places and farm clusters, these cold rooms are used to store perishable food in order to improve their preservation... To do that, Coldhubs already created partnerships with local farmer associations, which allowed the development of 19 cold rooms all across Nigeria.

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