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Decarbonisation and beyond: what industry leadership looks like in 2022 | Urbanomy

This regulatory framework is critical to unlocking action because, although a leader among global regions,, let alone comprehensively address the myriad other ESG issues that will now be required reporting for about 49 000 across the EU . The real estate industry in particular has a critical role to play, both in retrofitting existing assets and developing new net-zero assets, but also in creating value across the ESG spectrum for stakeholders from investors to communities.

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CP Green Bond - Septembre 2015 - VA

EDF raises US $1 25 billion in largest ever US Dollar denominated Green Bond from a corporate issuer Further to its inaugural Green Bond in Euro issued in November 2013... With a maturity of 10 years, a total amount of US $1 25 billion and an annual fixed coupon of 3 625 %, this new Green Bond issue will further support EDF's investments in new renewable energy.

Obs'COP 2021 : Despite the increase in extreme climate events, citizen mobilization for climate change is not growing | EDF FR

The climate issue still features among the priorities in terms of environment-related fears, and more than two-thirds of the world's population feel concerned (72 %), across all generations... The climate shares the sense of ecological emergency with other environmental threats (the waste issue for 46 %, air pollution for 40 %).

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Three campaigns and new commitments | EDF FR

To ensure a sustainable living environment for future generations, the EDF Group Foundation supports environmental protection projects and actions to raise awareness of climate issues and biodiversity loss. It also supports cultural and educational projects designed to provide each and everyone with the intellectual tools needed to better address the challenges of the future, and anticipate the actions to be taken .

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EDF Group's raison d'être

EDF will also run among its employees" The Climate Collage", an awareness program on climate issues and eco-responsible lifestyles. The in-house valorisation of" small everyday gestures" is bearing fruit too .

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