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Reference publications | EDF France

Get access to magazines exploring and questioning upheavals in the age of climate change. The document providing you with essentials facts and figures to know about the EDF group in a few pages... Find out how, with us, electricity is clearly the energy for change !... The EDF group presented its 2020 annual results on February 18 2021 . Press release and conferences, webcast, consolidated financial statements, statutory auditors ' report, etc . are available in the dedicated space for investors and shareholders.

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Advisory Committees | EDF France

The Nuclear Commitments Monitoring Committee is tasked with monitoring changes in nuclear provisions, The Nuclear Commitments Monitoring Committee is tasked with monitoring changes in nuclear provisions, issuing an opinion on issues relating to governance of dedicated assets, the rules for asset-liability matching and on strategic allocation, and ensuring the compliance of the management of the assets implemented by EDF in accordance with the policy for constituting and managing the dedicated assets.

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Climate International Observatory - Acting on a daily basis

Certain actions correspond at least as much to a concern to not waste or to save money as to a concern about the climate: for example heating, which is only identified as a major contributor to climate change by 21 %, but which weighs heavy in family budgets... In the 2020 study, it was stated that CO2 emissions, for example, were only mentioned by 62 % as a cause of climate change, whereas inaccurate factors such as heat production or the hole in the ozone layer were still mentioned respectively by 43 % and 32 % . In 2021, we see that for the very large majority of the public, CO2 emissions are primarily due to industry, fossil-fuel-fired power plants, deforestation and transport, i .e . in the case of the first three, factors on which consumers don't have a direct influence.

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Our responsibility | EDF Cyclife

Cyclife France's integrated management system is regularly reviewed and improved on the basis of operating experience, developments at company level, and changes in the industrial and regulatory environment. Cyclife France in its environment. Cyclife is focused on combining technical and economic performance with sustainable improvements in nuclear safety, industrial safety, radiation protection and environmental management.

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News | EDF Pulse Africa

The jury members aspire to make either economic, technologic or even energetic changes, but they all agreed on the fact that entrepreneurship does have a huge role to play in the local system evolution... Actually, as she took part in" the SenStartup Act "drafting, she was able to give a clear vision of the situation.

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technological changes, changes in the general economic situation. Detailed information regarding these uncertainties and potential risks are available in the reference document (Document de référence) of EDF filed with the Autorité des marchés financiers on 29 April 2016.

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