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Quarterly Financial Information - 1st quarter 2020 | EDF France

-EDF has undertaken several actions in support of its customers (extension of the ' winter break ', payment facilities) and has set up an accelerated payment programme for suppliers in vulnerable financial situations in France... Adoption by the General Shareholders ' Meeting of 7 May 2020 of" a raison d'être" and insertion in the articles of association.

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Our responsibility | EDF Cyclife

Cyclife is focused on combining technical and economic performance with sustainable improvements in nuclear safety, industrial safety, radiation protection and environmental management... Cyclife France's integrated management system is regularly reviewed and improved on the basis of operating experience, developments at company level, and changes in the industrial and regulatory environment.

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News | EDF Pulse Africa

The jury members aspire to make either economic, technologic or even energetic changes, but they all agreed on the fact that entrepreneurship does have a huge role to play in the local system evolution... The jury members were either committed for the energy access in Africa (as Luc Koechlin from EDF and Vicky Basson from KES), or taking part to the local entrepreneurial spirit's development (as Mustapha Zaouini from Fliptin and Frédéric Dupouy from Oppenheimer Partners) ,or even stakeholders of the economic landscape such as Marjolaine Pierrat Ferraille from the French South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FSACCI).

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technological changes, changes in the general economic situation. Detailed information regarding these uncertainties and potential risks are available in the reference document (Document de référence) of EDF filed with the Autorité des marchés financiers on 29 April 2016.

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