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Sylvie Jéhanno is appointed Dalkia's CEO | EDF France

This decision confirms how important Dalkia is in the EDF Group 's low carbon growth strategy... "The synergies between Dalkia and the EDF Group consolidate the robustness of the strategy based on low carbon growth".

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EDF Group | Strategy CAP 2030

Being an efficient, responsible electricity company that champions low-carbon growth... EDF 's generation fleet is the most competitive in Europe and produces the lowest level of carbon... Expanding into new geographical areas by developing our low-carbon solutions in growth countries while bolstering our positions in Europe.

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Doing even more to reduce CO2 emissions | EDF France

After passing under the 100 g of CO 2 / kWh (1) mark in 2015, EDF Group 's specific carbon emissions fell by a record level in 2016, with 77 g / kWh . The Group 's carbon intensity is now six times lower than the sector 's average worldwide... EDF supports a carbon floor price in France and Europe to help further limit the use of coal-fired plants.

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Overview of EDF in North and South America

The EDF Group can benefit from the strong economic growth of the countries where it is present, and provides solutions to answer the needs of economies engaged in energy transitions and looking for low carbon models. Regional Leader.

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???? | EDF Asie

Initial analyses conducted on two parts similar to those at Flamanville 3 have shown that the carbon segregation phenomena extend beyond mid- thickness on one of them... A total number of 1200 material samples will be taken to consolidate the representative nature of the three forged parts tested, both for carbon content and required mechanical properties.

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News | EDF Asie

The partnership comes at a time of rapid growth for ACC... growth for three consecutive years and was named" The New Prominent Enterprise... The country has significant growth potential when it comes to both of these energy sources and aims to have 100 GWp and 60 GW of installed capacity by year 2022 respectively.

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The ambitions of EDF Group, as a responsible and efficient electricity producer that champions low carbon growth, are consistent with its CAP 2030 strategy priorities. ---Proximity to customers and local communities; Low carbon generation, with a balanced mix of nuclear and renewable energy; International expansion . An action plan was presented to the Board of Directors which includes.

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combining electrification and low-carbon growth ." The MoU strengthens the cooperation between EDF and Masdar... Masdar is a leading developer and operator of utility-scale, grid-tied projects, small-scale applications that provide energy access to communities away from the electricity grid, and carbon abatement projects.

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