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2018 annual results | EDF Asie

Nuclear output in France amounted to 393 2TWh, an increase of 14 1TWh over 2017 . This improvement can be explained by the fact that 2017 was heavily penalised by several reactor outages linked in particular to the manufacturing records of the Creusot plant", the carbon segregation" issue, and the temporary shutdown of the four generation units of the Tricastin power plant.

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Power output was also up, thanks to the improvement of the availability of generation units, in particular CHP units, following increased maintenance work in 2015. In Brazil, sales reflected the positive effect of the tariff indexing under Norte Fluminense's PPA and higher output due to increased dispatching by the network's operator .

Fight against climate change | EDF Group

Moreover, as regards to managers in generation business units in France (EDF SA) and the United Kingdom (EDF in the UK), 10 % of the variable part of their remuneration (which represents up to 40 % of their salary) is indexed to the availability of the nuclear fleet, and therefore to the carbon content of the electricity produced, which does not generate direct CO2 emissions.

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Quarterly financial information - 1st quarter 2018 | EDF FR

Nuclear output up 4.4TWh benefiting from improved availability of the fleet... Inauguration of 200MW of solar capacity in the Emirate of Dubai, the first unit of the DEWA III (800MW) plant, a joint project between EDF, Masdar and DEWA. of which Hydropower France... Performance consistent with the assumption of nuclear output greater than 395TWh in 2018.

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Activities | EDF FR

The use of fossil fuels largely predominates today in South East Asia with almost 75 % of the electricity mix, and new coal and gas-fired power generation capacity increasing every year, driven by low costs and local availability... Beyond research, the team is also supporting other Business Units of EDF group in the design and engineering of microgrid projects in Myanmar and Indonesia.

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