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Generation & engineering | EDF France

Understanding your challenges and assessing your risks to identify appropriate solutions... Reference frameworks, standardisation... Always listening and focused on your needs, we are continuously adapting our engineering methods to create the appropriate solution for you... Always listening and focused on your needs, we are continuously adapting our engineering methods to create the appropriate solution for you.

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Risk-BU & Carmen | EDF France

set the overall framework within which Group entities operate (in terms of energy generation, optimisation and marketing) and interact with EDF Trading... The Risk-BU and CARMEN software packages were developed against policy and ensure its appropriate application at entity level.

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Preventing the risks of fraud and corruption | EDF France

In order to prevent the risk of corruption and to provide employees with a framework and guidelines for assessing what does and doesn't constitute misconduct, EDF's code of conduct identifies, for each of the nine themes mentioned above, appropriate behaviours under a paragraph entitled" we must", and prohibited behaviours under a paragraph entitled" we must not".

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EDF launches an inaugural landmark offering of green bonds (OCEANEs Vertes) and announces its intention to issue two new tranches of Euro-denominated Hybrid Notes | EDF France

An amount equal to the net proceeds of the Offering will be allocated, directly or indirectly, to the financing and/or refinancing, in whole or in part, of new and/or existing Eligible Projects, as defined in EDF's Green Bond Framework. Existing Eligible Projects that may be refinanced with the present Offering with a maximum three-year look-back period before the issuance year of the Bonds amount to approximately euros 1 5 billion in line with EDF's Green Bond Framework.

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Our News | EDF Cyclife

The various active cells within the complex present notable challenges for consideration when determining the appropriate waste-led approaches to decommissioning... Working in a collaborative and respectful framework that allows everyone to express themselves is an essential part of individual fulfilment and collective performance".

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Join us | EDF Asie

Maintain appropriate insurance coverage... Maintain appropriate insurance coverage... to make the interface with EDF experts and engineers from both local and international departments in the framework of city projects.

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Our news and projects | Hynamics

Carried out in cooperation with 12 partners for a budget of euros 6 4 million, the European H2SHIPS project aims to develop technical solutions and establish an appropriate regulatory and economic framework. Energy is our future, save it !.

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EDF, the CEA and AREVA establish the French Nuclear Platform ("Plateforme France Nucléaire ")In order to develop aligned positions to meet the major challenges facing the French nuclear sector and to prepare the appropriate decisions... Industry and the Digital Sector, which aims to promote innovation by defining a framework of good practices between large companies and startups or SMEs.

Legal Information | EDF Germany

It can not exempt the user from further appropriate analysis... However, EDF reserves the right, without prior notice or compensation, to temporarily close the website or certain of its functions for reasons of force majeure, breakdowns, maintenance or changes to the legal and regulatory framework, without this list being restrictive.

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