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The EDF Group (95 results)

2015 Annual Results | EDF France

2015 Annual Results... annual results 2015 presentation. annual results 2015 management report. annual results 2015 consolidated statements. annual results 2015 statutory report. annual results 2015 appendices... The videos of the 2015 Annual Results.

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2016 Group Annual Results | EDF France

2016 Group Annual Results.

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  7. Résultats financiers

2018 Group Annual Results | EDF France

2018 Group Annual Results.

  2. The EDF Group
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  5. Financial and Extra-Financial Performance
  6. Financial Results

EDF Asie (6 results)

2019 half-year results | EDF Asie

2019 half-year results. 2019 half-year results... 2019 half-year results... Key figures of the 2019 half-year results (1... The first half-year results in 2019 are in line with our forecasts. Bolstered by a strengthened balance sheet, the Group is continuing its deployment of the CAP 2030 strategy and maintains its annual objectives.

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EDF Luminus (1 match)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) | EDF Luminus

The actual dividend is in case determined by the shareholders themselves during the annual general meeting on the basis of the financial results. The return of a recognised cooperative company is legally limited to 6 % .

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EDF Afrique (1 match)

News | EDF Afrique

Its expected power generation will cover 30 % of the country's electricity demand, amounting to an annual output of nearly 3TWh . The power generated by the project will be sold to the grid operator via a Power Purchase Agreement at a competitive tariff, thereby benefitting Cameroonian consumers... African markets are major vectors of growth with unequalled economic and demographic expansion, resulting in growing energy requirements.

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EDF Russie (1 match)

News | EDF Russie

Its annual regasification capacity of 13 billion m3 accounts for more than 20 % of French and Belgian natural gas consumption... This industrial innovation thus provides energy savings that are equivalent to the annual gas consumption of the Dunkirk community... And also Fenice RUS assured the 1st place in the private ranking of companies in the area of" Energy service contracts in the commercial sector" The all-Russian rating of energy service companies- 2015 was prepared in the framework of the research" Russian market of energy services- 2015" . In the ranking there are companies that show best results in implementing energy service contracts with customers of the following 4 (main) sectors.

  2. EDF in Russia

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The standard 209 annual working days is consistent with the practices of other major French companies... The present document may contain forward-looking statements and targets concerning the Group's strategy, financial position or results... There is no certainty that the forecast events will take place or that the expected results will actually be achieved.

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