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Sanya Integrated Energy | EDF Asie

In Sanya, a seaside city in the subtropical Hainan Province, EDF in partnership with Changfeng Energy (50 % shareholder) will build and operate a district cooling system which will supply chilled water for air conditioning and contribute also to the supply of sanitary hot water. The network will provide quality energy services to high-end hotels, shopping centers and hospital which are located along the Haitang Bay, a fast developing tourist area.

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Our expertise | Hynamics

While the process of producing hydrogen by steam reforming emits approximately 10 kg of CO2 for each kilo of hydrogen produced, the process of producing hydrogen by water electrolysis does not emit any CO2 . Thanks to low-carbon electricity sources (nuclear and renewable), Hynamics proposes to industrial customers and territories an environmentally friendly offer, which contributes in particular to improving air quality and reducing CO2.

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Our departments | Edvance

Within Edvance, the Ventilation Systems Contracts (SCV) Department is the technical skills centre for fluid systems (air and water) and the technical management of ventilation and cooling contracts. It is responsible for the design of more than 80 fluid systems (water or air) for nuclear islands.

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The start-ups we support | EDF FR

Enerbrain optimises energy efficiency and air quality in buildings using AI. Offices in Turin, Italy .

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Citelum and Eiffage consortium wins City of Paris contract for public lighting and traffic light systems as well as festive and architectural lighting for a total value of more than €704 million | EDF FR

A world leader in lighting, Citelum delivers solutions for a wide range of related service areas, such as traffic management, smart parking, video protection, Li-Fi, air quality sensors, and the MUSE ® digital urban space management platform developed by its subsidiary Citégestion. More than 1 000 municipalities in France and around the world have already placed their trust in Citelum, including Dijon, Lille, Nice, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Venice, Mexico City, São Luis and Santiago .

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