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EDF launches Hynamics, a subsidiary to produce and market low-carbon hydrogen | EDF France

For industrial clients, for whom hydrogen is a necessity (refinery, glassware, agri-food, chemistry etc .), Hynamics installs, runs and maintains hydrogen production plants, by investing in the necessary infrastructure. Sites in France... With this commitment, EDF's ambition is to become a key player in the hydrogen sector in France and.

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EDF Pulse 2017: 5 winners, 5 future projects

Physiotherapist Louise Rogerson is the person behind Howz, a system of sensors that allows elderly people's friends and family to monitor activity in their home and make sure that everything is okay... We 're really focusing on adapting the product based on their feedback ." And Arnaud Lenglet is convinced that developing" a niche market" can be profitable in the long term.

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Invest in the development of wind power with Wind Together SCRL

In the long run, EDF Luminus will become a minority shareholder of the cooperative... objects: "activities concerning the acquisition of participating interests in wind farms. Sites in France... Getting citizens involved in the development of wind power projects. With EDF Luminus Wind Together SCRL, EDF Luminus provides citizens with the opportunity to invest in renewable energy projects and share in the profits of these projects.

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News | EDF Afrique

By teaming up with BBOXX in Togo, the EDF Group has embarked on a new stage of development of its off-grid activities in Africa, which has been constantly speeded up since our Ivory Coast subsidiary, Zeci, was set up less than two years ago... The partnership that has just been set up fits in with the EDF strategy CAP 2030, whose main purpose is to triple our activities outside Europe".

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Renewable Energy in the North and South America

EDF Renewable Energy can provide its experience in green field biomass and biogas development projects as well as retrofitting fossil-fired generation facilities to also run on biofuel. Sites in France... Renewable energy is a key market and one that EDF Group's dedicated subsidiary, EDF Renewable Energy, is actively involved with in North and South America.

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News | EDF Russie

Michael Riechel, chairman of the executive board of Thüga Aktiengesellschaft stated, "Our long-term target is an H2 quota in the gas grid of up to 100 percent by 2050 . In the test run with a hydrogen addition of up to 20 percent in a section of the network comprising more than 200 domestic customers, Thüga and Heide municipal utility are setting a concrete precedent, the results of which will benefit the just under 100 municipal supply companies belonging to the Thüga Group on their way to creating decarbonised gas grids".

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