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Giving access to electricity to the largest number of people

In Morocco, over 160 000 people have access to electricity generated by solar power distributed on behalf of the Office National de l'Electricité et de l'Eau Potable (ONEE) thanks to Temasol (an EDF-Total subsidiary, ceded in 2011). In South Africa, EDF is the major shareholder of the KES company (in partnership with Total and Calulo) created in 2002, with the aim to equip 270 000 south African people in remote regions of KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape.

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The user must abstain, in particular, in the case of personal data, to which he or she has access, from any collection, misappropriate use and, generally speaking, from any action likely to interfere with the private lives or reputation of people... As part of this mission, he maintains the list of personal information processed and stored by EDF SA since 1 January 2007 . This list remains at the disposal of anyone who wishes to have access to his personal data.

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EDF renewable energy : smart solutions around the world | EDF Group

Motivated by the fact that electricity is essential for sustainable economic development and progress, wherever it operates, the EDF group is developing innovative solutions, which make the production of clean energy possible and guarantee access to electricity for all ... Today, 75 % of the African continent's population still does not have access to energy.

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EDF launches IZI by EDF, a new range of services to make EDF the partner of choice for peace of mind in French homes or small businesses. | EDF FR

EDF is going to make the life easier for French people by launching IZI by EDF, its new platform offering access to day-to-day services in a few clicks of a button. EDF launches IZI by EDF, a new range of services to make EDF the partner of choice for peace of mind in French homes or small businesses.

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Digital technology to prevent energy insecurity | EDF France

In order to prevent the power bill from worsening the situation of people in vulnerable circumstances, EDF Group is now using digital technology to improve information and support for society's most vulnerable members... Thanks to its all-digital, customers can access advice depending on their profile and needs, and useful information about the solutions provided by the company and the authorities.

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