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Our scientific community | EDF FR

For some time now, many countries that design reactors have been considering the development of plants with a power range of less than 200 MWe ." Technology Uncovered" explains these reactors that enable more compact and modular designs and which are known as SMRs (Small Modular Reactors) . The emergence of renewable energy sources, as well as new uses of electricity (heat pumps, electric vehicles), the management of consumption peaks and the desire to constantly improve service quality have led to the development of new smart systems, particularly within distribution networks .

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Three years after being created, Electranova Capital invests in FirstFuel, a customer intelligence platform for energy providers | EDF FR

The data platform performs detailed performance analysis of energy usage in every building- allowing energy providers to improve customer engagement, uncover new energy savings opportunities and deliver services such as energy efficiency, demand management and on-site generation at scale... "The energy provider markets are facing a sea change stemming from new technology advances in distributed generation, a dynamic regulatory environment and increased competition.

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