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Quality inspections performed demonstrated that all assembly operations fulfil the expected requirements... The assembly and testing activities are continuing at the construction site in line with the announced schedule... In the nuclear energy sector, EDF has initialed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Indian national electricity generator Nuclear Power Corp of India Ltd (NPCIL), for the projected construction of 6 EPR units at Jaitapur in the west of India.

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING OF 16 MAY 2019: All the resolutions were adopted. The Board of Directors moved to renew the mandate of Jean-Bernard Lévy as Chairman and CEO | EDF FR

In application of Article 19 of the Ordinance N° 2014- 948 of 20 August 2014 relating to the governance and capital transactions on the share capital of companies in which the State holds an interest and Article 13 of the French Constitution, the EDF Chairman is appointed amongst the members of the Board of Directors and proposed by the Board, by Decree of the President of the Republic of France, after examination of the candidate by the competent committees of the National Assembly and the Senate.

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Nuclear fuel cycle: EDF present at all stages | EDF FR

The rods are" assembled" into bundles of 264 to form a fuel assembly... The French AREVA Group and the US Westinghouse Electric Company are the main manufacturers of nuclear fuel assemblies and EDF's two suppliers to date... The fuel assemblies are transported by road or rail. The assemblies have low radioactivity until they are used and no particular radiation protection is required when handling them.

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