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EDF Bazacle Complex - A thing to do in Toulouse

Its mission is to fight against pollution, protect water and aquatic systems as well as preserve and better manage the resources in the water basins of the Adour, Garonne, Dordogne and Charente. Under the authority of the Ministry of Sustainable Development, the Adour-Garonne water supply agency implements the water political guidelines, in agreement with the basin committee.

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Facility monitoring | EDF France

Regulations also provide for in-depth inspections of these dams every 10 years, called ETC from the French for comprehensive technical inspection . Substantial resources are marshalled to carry out this check-up, including drones to check all dam faces... All these operations are overseen by the DREAL directorates and the STEEG (the Ministry of the Environment's technical department covering electrical energy and large dams).

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Acting as a responsible company | EDF Group

Its contribution in terms of jobs, outsourcing, investment and developing local assets makes it a natural and legitimate partner in the development of the regions ' appeal. As electricity is an essential commodity, EDF is committed to integrating economic, social, societal and environmental dimensions into the heart of its strategy.

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Our responsibility | EDF Cyclife

For several years, Cyclife France has been optimising its consumption of the natural resources and raw materials needed for the firm's operational activities... The level of radioactivity in these effluents is very low (comparable with natural radioactivity). As a responsible industrial company, Cyclife France has been committed to environmental management since 2003, evidenced in the fact that it has obtained ISO 14001 certification in recognition of its continuous improvement in environmental matters.

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EDF took part in Russia's first green startup booster | EDF Russia

The GreenTech Start up Booster environmental program, organized by the Skolkovo Foundation with the support of the Russian Federation's Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Construction, Housing and Public Utilities and the Ministry of Energy, aims to research and implement innovative solutions in the fields of ecology, industrial safety and sustainable development.

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