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EDF Group | Strategy CAP 2030

Against the backdrop of the energy transition, EDF has defined a strategy called CAP 2030 which underpins the Group 's goal of.

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EDF's statement following on Polish Government's decision on EDF Polska | EDF France

This division was part of the asset disposal process of EDF Polska in accordance with CAP 2030 Group strategy. It aimed to separate cogeneration activities (heat and power) of EDF Polska from those related to the generation of the coal-fired plant of Rybnik (power only) .

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Biodiversity | EDF France

Biodiversity: an integral part of the Group 's strategy. EDF 's activities are dependent on water, air and soil resources .

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Electricity trading in North America

Through EDF Energy Services, it executes the Group 's strategy for its commercial and industrial, power generation and retail aggregator customers. It has a growing footprint and is active in most deregulated states .

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Homepage EDF in Italy EN | EDF Italie

News, strategy, locations... Discover the EDF Group !... News, strategy, locations... Discover the EDF Group !

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The EDF Group, leading electricity producer in Belgium

Activities, strategy, sites... Discover the EDF Group ! More information.

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Action plan presented on 22 April 2016 to support the Group 's development under the CAP 2030 strategy o o o o Net investments (excluding Linky and excluding new developments) optimised by close to ?2bn in 2018 compared to 2015... The ambitions of EDF Group, as a responsible and efficient electricity producer that champions low carbon growth, are consistent with its CAP 2030 strategy priorities.

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