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Electricity trading in North America

Through EDF Energy Services, it executes the Group 's strategy for its commercial and industrial, power generation and retail aggregator customers. It has a growing footprint and is active in most deregulated states .

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Dalkia Group acquires Fenice Rus | EDF Russie

The acquisition of Fenice Rus fits into Dalkia Group 's development strategy to expand its expertise and to increase the range of services relevant to sustainable development. In this regard, Fenice Rus ' proven expertise in the construction and maintenance of Waste Water Treatment Plants gives an opportunity to enlarge Dalkia Group 's competencies and develop new business .


The EDF Group enters the Egyptian renewable energy market | EDF Afrique

We are proud to support the energy transition in Egypt thanks to renewable projects with a local industrial partner, which is in line with the Group' s CAP 2030 strategy". *The PPA covers a capacity expressed in MWac, the standard measure of alternating current .

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  4. Le groupe EDF entre sur le marché égyptien des énergies renouvelables

Overview of EDF in North and South America

In North America, the Group is present in the U.S. in all business lines... The EDF Group can benefit from the strong economic growth of the countries where it is present, and provides solutions to answer the needs of economies engaged in energy transitions and looking for low carbon models... In both North and South America, EDF has developed and operates world-class assets, delivering products and services that place the Group among the leaders in the region 's electricity industry.

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The EDF Group enters into wind energy in China, the world's largest renewable energy market | EDF Asie

The EDF Group enters into wind energy in China. The EDF Group enters into wind energy in China, the world 's largest renewable energy market... The EDF Group ramps up development in renewables energies and announces his first project in the chinese wind energy sector... This new partnership venture has been made possible thanks to EDF Group 's strong roots in the country where it has had a presence for over 30 years through activities in nuclear, thermal and hydro generation as well as energy services.

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EDF strives to double its turnover by 2025 for energy services aimed at businesses and local authorities | EDF Asie

The EDF Group already has solid experience in energy solutions, generating a turnover of 4 4 billion in 2016 . Today, EDF 's ambition is to consolidate the development of the activities of the Group and its subsidiaries in countries where it already has a presence, and to launch targeted takeover bids or buy shares in specialist companies.


EDF Luminus - major energy producer in Belgium

Activities, strategy, sites... Discover the EDF Group ! Live.

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EDF Luminus - energy producer in Belgium

In order to pursue its development, EDF Luminus has built its strategy around 5 key values... Synergies with the EDF Group and strong local embedment. EDF Luminus is part of the EDF Group and thus has many synergies in production, innovation and development.

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EDF strengthens its presence in Africa | EDF Afrique

For the last five years, Côte d' Ivoire, which plays a key role in EDF 's development strategy in West Africa, has undergone a major recovery, foreshadowing a sustained increase in electricity consumption over the coming years... This new Group company is responsible for carrying out all activities relating to energy project development.

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EDF Group appointment: Fabrice FOURCADE is appointed Senior Vice President to work with the Senior Executive Officer for China | EDF Asie

EDF Group appointment... He is set to take up his position at the Delegation before the end of 2016 . u003C / p u003E r n u003Cp u003EFabrice FOURCADE, 50, is currently Senior Vice President of Cap 2030, reporting directly to Jean Bernard LEVY, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of EDF . u003C / p u003E r n u003Cp u003EHe started his career in Germany at an artificial intelligence research laboratory and went on to join EDF in 1992 . As a research engineer and later at the head of a research group, his fields of activity were economic studies and mathematics applied to electricity system optimisation.

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