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Aerosol precursors

EDF 's activities in continental France and Corsica account for less than 5 % (3 03 %) of the national emission ceiling for NOx (810 kt) and less than 10 % (7 65 %) of the national emission ceiling for SO2 (375 kt). Acidification- SO2 emissions Emissions due to electricity and heat generation In g / kWh Emissions associated with Edison oil and gas activities In tonnes The Group maintained its specific emissions of SO2 at level similar to that in 2011, when there was a sharp decline, due mainly to the entry into service that year of a desulfurization system at the Laibin coal-fired power plant in China .

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Regulated information - EDF Group

Periodic information Annual, half-yearly and quarterly results Presentation of annual, half-yearly and quaterly results since 2002 . Consult the financial results page Annual information reports All the informations recording EDF Group activities, year by year since 2002 . Consult the annual reports page Consult the reference documents page Report on internal control and corporate governance Report by the Chairman of the EDF Board of Directors on corporate governance and internal control procedures.

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Nuclear, hydropower, gas, innovation, energy efficiency... EDF activities in Russia, Ukraine and CIS

Accédez à tous les sites EDF depuis ce menu... EDF in Russia and. EDF in Russia and CIS. In the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) ,EDF has a representative office in Moscow... To address these issues, EDF has chosen to pursue a strategy of long-term partnerships. In Russia, EDF and have been collaborating for 20 years in the following areas.

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EDF in Asia : China, Japan, South Korea, South Asia

EDF 's activities in Asia are part of a deliberate growth strategy... EDF has set up partnerships with the major Chinese companies and is developing its activities in renewable energies, grids and energy services for urban and industrial uses... In China, the EDF Group 's activities are under the responsibility of the EDF China based in Beijing and led by Fabrice Fourcade.

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Biodiversity | EDF France

EDF 's activities are dependent on water, air and soil resources... To raise awareness of the impact on biodiversity of its activities among local residents and employees, EDF currently conducts two national biodiversity training programmes.

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EDF activities in Asia : China, Japan, South Korea

EDF activities in Asia... EDF activities in Asia. EDF activities in Asia. EDF activities in Asia are evolving to meet the demands of this fast changing and dynamic market. EDF activities in China... Over the years, EDF activities in China have diversified to include hydropower and thermal power plants.

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Overview of EDF in North and South America

EDF has been present in North and South America since the late 1990 's, developing activities around four business lines: generation, trading, services and innovation. Discover More About EDF Activities.

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Energy research Asia: power generation research

Innovation is the driving force behind EDF 's activities. EDF is committed to energy and electricity research in Asia, using China and Singapore as its main bases for R&D .

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A responsible partner | EDF France

Number of direct jobs and indirect jobs generated by EDF Group business activities. (1) Données consolidées Groupe calculées selon les normes IFRS en vigueur pour chacune des années .

Quarterly financial information - 1st quarter 2014 | EDF France

Accédez à tous les sites EDF depuis ce menu... on the volume of European trading activities... The Group 's sales in the first quarter of 2014 were euros 21 2 billion, down 3 9 % from the first quarter of 2013 . At constant scope and exchange rates, sales were down 4 2 % due to mild weather conditions, which impacted sales of electricity in France, gas sales abroad and trading activities in Europe.

A responsible employer | EDF France

Accédez à tous les sites EDF depuis ce menu... (3) The 2017 target, which was previously 1 9, was adjusted in 2014 following the integration of Dalkia and Citelum, given the characteristics of their business activities... EDF, ERDF, EDF ENERGY, EDISON. EDF LUMINUS, EDF POLSKA, EDF DÉMÁSZ. EDF NORTE FLUMINENSE (IN 2013.

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?10bn by 2020 A project to increase equity capital 1 2 At constant scope and exchange rates Excluding Linky and new developments net of disposals PRESS RELEASE 10 May 2016 Change in EDF Group sales In millions of euros France United Kingdom Italy Other International Other activities International & activities Total Group Other Q1 2015 *12 714 3 375 3 261 1 718 1 926 10 280 22 994 Q1 2016 12 101 2 929 3 114 1 513 1 785 9 341 21 442 %

process engineer - edf china

YOUR JOB You will work in the Production team, EDF China R&D Centre in Beijing... Understand the mainstream energy efficiency technologies and equipments with original views on the global and Chinese market Develop projects related to the energy efficiency field Technical support to renewable activities.

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