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CSR: our commitments | Duty of Vigilance | EDF Group

EDF Group's Duty of vigilance... The EDF Duty of Care plan, approved by the Executive Committee, includes reasonable vigilance measures adequate to identify risks and to prevent severe impacts on human rights and fundamental freedoms, health and safety, and the environment arising as a result of the activities of the company, its subsidiaries and subcontractors, and suppliers or project partners with whom an established business relationship is maintained, where these activities are linked to this relationship.

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EDF signs global responsible employer agreement with IndustriALL and PSI | EDF FR

These include: fiscal transparency; protection for whistle blowers; combating corruption and fraud; combating violence and harassment in the workplace; the duty of vigilance when it comes to subcontractors and suppliers; equality between women and men; and combating discrimination related to sexual orientation More generally, this agreement promotes human rights, diversity, health and safety, skills development and social protection for the company's employees and subcontractors wherever the Group is based as well as the principle of a just transition towards environmentally sustainable economies for all .

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