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The renewable energy development strategy of the EDF Group | EDF France

Development of renewable energies: an ambitious goal as part of the CAP 2030 strategy. In France: a continued investment drive.

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EDF Group | Strategy CAP 2030

Strategy CAP 2030. Strategy CAP 2030. Against the backdrop of the energy transition, EDF has defined a strategy called CAP 2030 which underpins the Group 's goal of.

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Renewable Energies | EDF France

As part of its CAP 2030 strategy, the European leader in renewable energies, the EDF Group, has set itself an extremely ambitious goal: to double the Group' s net installed power in the field of renewable energies, thus increasing from 28 GW today to over 50 GW in less than 15 years. 1st Producer of renewable electricity in Europe.

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The EDF Group enters the Egyptian renewable energy market | EDF Afrique

We are proud to support the energy transition in Egypt thanks to renewable projects with a local industrial partner, which is in line with the Group' s CAP 2030 strategy". *The PPA covers a capacity expressed in MWac, the standard measure of alternating current .

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Hinkley Point C : EDF is delighted by the British Governement's decision | EDF Asie

Hinkley Point C is an essential part of EDF Group 's CAP 2030 strategy. EDF Group is a European leader in the production of low carbon electricity .

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News | EDF Asie

Our involvement in this country, which is already significant in the gas-fired power sector, is in line with our CAP 2030 strategy, which seeks to multiply the Group' s international business by three come 2030"... Continuing the deployment of its CAP 2030 strategy and the successful execution of its performance plan, the Group strengthened its balance sheet and reduced its financial debt by euros 4.4bn in 2017 . We are beginning an unprecedented acceleration in renewable energies with the launch of EDF 's Solar Plan, at the same time that we are strengthening our commercial initiatives.

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Action plan presented on 22 April 2016 to support the Group 's development under the CAP 2030 strategy o o o o Net investments (excluding Linky and excluding new developments) optimised by close to ?2bn in 2018 compared to 2015... The ambitions of EDF Group, as a responsible and efficient electricity producer that champions low carbon growth, are consistent with its CAP 2030 strategy priorities.

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