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Environmental indicators | EDF France

The breakdown of water used in 2019 to cool EDF group's thermal generation plants and by EDF is presented in the following charts and in the table" Summary of indicators" at the end of this document... Breakdown of type of water drawn by continent (in % and in 10 9 m 3... *AFB became" office français de la biodiversité" in 2020, January . (1) IFC's PS6 principle: performance standard 6 of the International Finance Corporation (a World Bank entity) framework focused on biodiversity and the sustainable management of living natural resources . (2) Business and Biodiversity Programme is an initiative that ran from 2004 to 2018 . It promotes the use of best standardised practices through a network of experts and publications . (3) Disclosure 304 1 ;the protected areas chosen are either domestic or subject to international conventions agreements . (4) Disclosure 304 4 ;this is EDF's scope of activity for EN14 .) (a The Ramsar Convention, signed in 1971, seeks to conserve wetlands of international importance . (b) UNESCO's MAB (Man and Biosphere) programme launched in 1970 . (c) List of sites of particular importance to the common heritage of humankind (updated each year by UNESCO).

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