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News | EDF Russie

Its annual regasification capacity of 13 billion m3 accounts for more than 20 % of French and Belgian natural gas consumption... This industrial innovation thus provides energy savings that are equivalent to the annual gas consumption of the Dunkirk community... And also Fenice RUS assured the 1st place in the private ranking of companies in the area of" Energy service contracts in the commercial sector" The all-Russian rating of energy service companies- 2015 was prepared in the framework of the research" Russian market of energy services- 2015" . In the ranking there are companies that show best results in implementing energy service contracts with customers of the following 4 (main) sectors.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) | EDF Luminus

The actual dividend is in case determined by the shareholders themselves during the annual general meeting on the basis of the financial results. The return of a recognised cooperative company is legally limited to 6 % .

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News | EDF Asie

In line with our forecasts, the 2017 results demonstrate EDF 's solidity, once again profitable, in a difficult market context... The results of the 2017 fiscal year are in line with expectations, despite the decline in nuclear and hydropower output in France and the unfavourable price conditions in almost all geographic areas where the Group is active.

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