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135m of UK net power sales on the wholesale electricity markets (excluding trading activities) relating to Q1 2015 have been reclassified from energy purchases to sales The Group's first quarter 2016 sales were 21 4bn... EDF's Board of Directors reviewed the Group's long-term financial trajectory under the new adverse market price conditions.

CSR: Carbon neutrality and climate | EDF Group

With the electric mobility plan, initiated in October 2018, EDF aims 30 % of market shares in the electricity supply of the electric vehicles in 2023 on the 4 main Corporate markets (France, United Kingdom, Italy and Belgium), the development of 150 000 charging stations and 10 000 stations of smart charging by 2023.

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EDF Group appointment | EDF FR

With the benefit of his broad experience within the energy sector, Marc Benayoun will continue Edison's adaptation to difficult market conditions in Italy and Europe". About Bruno Lescoeur.

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