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EDF has strengthened its position in China with two new energy service contracts. | EDF Asie

The first contract concluded with the municipality of Sanya (700 000 inhabitants in the province of Hainan in the south of the country) covers design, construction and operation for thirty years of the network of chilled water (for air conditioning) and sanitation hot water production stations... EDF has concluded a contract with the town of Lingbao (750 000 inhabitants in the province of Henan in the centre of the country) to build and operate a 35- MW biomass cogeneration plant for 30 years.

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EDF Transmission Network Engineering Projects in Africa

700 MW: that is how much power the High Grand Falls hydro-electric plant is expected to generate. Construction of the plant began in late 2012, on the Tana river, approximately 230 km from Nairobi .

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Our news and projects | Hynamics

A 700 MW extension project is being studied, the aim of which will be to decarbonise a cement works nearby. H2SHIPS, Interreg North-West Europe.


Thermal | United Arab Emirates

EDF is the Owner's engineer and is managing on behalf of our client DEWA, the H Station Phase 4 project- Aweer, which consists in the construction of 3 open cycle gas turbines for a global capacity of 700 MW. EDF services consist in developing the feasibility study of the project, preparing the EPC tender documents, evaluating the EPC bids and performing the complete supervision of the EPC contractor from the design review till the warranty period .

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