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EDF Group's Facts and Figures | EDF France

The 2020 edition includes. Strategic targets upgradein accordance with the Raison d'être.

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  4. Investors & Shareholders
  5. Financial and Extra-Financial Performance

2020 EDF Pulse START-UP Awards

The awards ceremony for the 2020 edition of the EDF Pulse start up Awards took place on Tuesday 1st December, during the Electric Days.

  2. The EDF Group
  3. Dedicated sections
  4. EDF Pulse
  5. EDF Pulse START-UP Awards

News | EDF Afrique

EDF and OGE are aiming to achieve a market share of more than 20 % in Côte d' Ivoire by year 2020... The filalists will appear before the Grand Jury on December 19 2017 . To see the finalists of this first edition, click on the image !... Egypt aims to double the share of renewables in its energy mix by 2020.

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EDF in Brazil | EDF FR

The second edition of the Pulse Brazil innovation award kicked off on November 2 2020 . The award aims to help Brazilian entrepreneurs and start-ups create innovative energy projects which meet urban and industrial challenges. To compete, the innovative projects need to fit one of two categories, Smart City or Smart Factory, both of which are related to EDF's activities in Brazil .

Indo-French Business Award 2021 | Inde

EDF Group in India was awarded the title of ' Business Resilience during COVID- 19' by the Indo French Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the CCI France International, during the Indo French Business awards 2021 organized on March 24th 2021 . This award is based on the resilience shown by EDF entities in India during the Pandemic and Nationwide lock-down starting from March 23rd 2020.

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