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News, strategy, locations... Discover the EDF Group !... News, strategy, locations... Discover the EDF Group !... Last Group News. 14 May 2020. 14 Feb 2020... © 2020 EDF.

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EDF : an integrated energy company in Italy

The EDF Group has been present in Italy since the 1970s, working to offset the country's power demand... EDF directly owns 99 5 % of Edison, which is poised to be the gas hub for the entire group thanks to its skill and the accomplishments in the hydrocarbon sector and in E&P (exploration & production) in Italy and beyond.

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EDF Fenice energy efficiency services in Italy

EDF Fenice is the EDF Group's energy services specialist in Italy and it offers a complete range of services: energy audits and diagnoses, management mediations, planning, investment, installations, turnkey management and optimisation of complex energy plants... EDF Fenice Innovation & Engineering Team is supported by over 10 EDF Group Research & Development centres in the world.

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