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The EDF Group commissions solar and wind plants in India | EDF Asie

With a total capacity of 87 MWp, the three new solar plants cover the annual energy requirements of 120 000 Indian households... Each has an installed capacity of 36 MWp with a 49 % equity share held by EDEN, a subsidiary that was set up in 2016 and that is equally owned by EDF Energies Nouvelles and EREN Renewable Energy.


Energy services Asia : energy management

In 2017, EDF signed a concession contract with the municipality of Lingbao (Henan province) to build and operate a to supply heating and electricity to local households and industrial areas... Based on high efficiency technologies, this integrated energy system will enable the city of Sanya to reduce its CO2 emission by 20 %.

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Off Grid Electric and EDF team up in offering a new off-grid solar power solution for rural areas in West Africa | EDF Afrique

Within the scope of this joint venture, ZECI, EDF and Off Grid Electric will install and maintain solar kits for rural and peri-urban households 1 . These individual kits include solar panels, which are easy to install, along with batteries for storing energy... Customers will therefore have access to lighting and will be able to power a suite of energy-efficient household appliances including television sets, radios, fans and mobile phone chargers.


Riding the wave of success in Côte d'Ivoire, EDF and OGE are now tackling the off-grid market in Ghana | EDF Afrique

EDF and OGE are aiming to achieve a market share of more than 20 % in Côte d' Ivoire by year 2020... The monthly cost for one household ranges from 20 to 27 Euros depending on the model, tantamount to the current electricity expenditure of Ghanaian households for similar usages... EDF, OGE and CH Group are aiming for a Ghana market share of 20 %- 25 % by year 2022 . This rate of growth is expected to create 1000 local job opportunities within ZEGHA.

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Renewables | Émirats Arabes Unis

The wind farm will comprise 99 wind turbines, each with a power output of 4 2 MW . The wind farm is fully operational since 3rd quarter of 2021, and is already producing clean energy for the Saudi households... It is the first power plant of this scale to use bifacial modules and sun-trackers, optimizing the energy generation by 30 %.

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Partnerships | EDF FR

HDB flats are home to over 80 % of Singapore's resident population, with about 90 % of these resident households proudly owning their home. EDF has been working with HDB since 2012 on a dedicated City Platform called CAVI (city Application Visual Interface) as a decision-support tool for urban planners to integrate energy, environmental & social factors into their process of refurbishing or planning new HDB towns .

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Climate International Observatory - Acting on a daily basis

Likewise, measures with a financial impact are not well accepted: an increase in taxes on household waste or a tax on air tickets are only acceptable at a level of 51 % and 48 % respectively. Note also, and quite logically, that financially restrictive measures such as the carbon tax are better accepted by people on high incomes .

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EDF finalises the acquisition of 750 MW of active generation capacity (gas and peak demand) to support the development of its renewable energy business in Chile | EDF FR

Los Vientos (132 MW), Santa Lidia (139 MW) and Renca (100 MW) . These assets are jointly held with AME and 75 % of the transaction has been financed through a variety of bank loans... The country is seeking to increase the proportion of renewables in its energy mix to 60 % by 2035 while also phasing out coal-fired plants by 2050.

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