EDF is committed to diversity in the workplace and has had an anti-discrimination policy in place for many years now, working to stamp out all kinds of discrimination based on age, nationality, sexual orientation, educational background, or religion.

We have been launching initiatives and signing agreements to promote diversity for ten years now.

EDF commits to diversity (in French)

Diverse academic backgrounds

A diverse range of academic backgrounds is a central pillar of EDF’s recruitment policy.

The Group recruits staff from technical courses, engineering schools, universities, business schools, and more.

Young and old alike

To fight age discrimination in the workplace, an action plan has been created to transfer skills from older to younger employees. It includes:

  • a sustainable route into work for young people
  • the recruitment and continued employment of older workers
  • an intergenerational transfer of skills and expertise

Respecting religious beliefs

EDF won the Diversity Management Trophy in 2010 in recognition of its innovative strategies for accommodating religious beliefs in the workplace.

EDF was the first Group to publish a guide on religious belief in the workplace, for use by managers and HR managers.

Sexual orientation

To create and maintain an inclusive and respectful workplace, EDF is committed to stamping out homophobia and sexism at work, through a partnership with L’Autre Cercle, a charity that fights against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity at work.

We also support Energay, the LGBT association for the gas and electricity industries.

Energay is a gay friendly association that fights against discrimination in the workplace based on sexual orientation or gender identity within the electricity and gas industries.

It strives to overcome any homophobia at work, to open a dialogue with all company stakeholders, and to carry out prevention/health initiatives.

Three values guide Energay in its work:

  • respect for the individual
  • personal fulfilment
  • activism

Since 2008, EDF encourages each and everyone of us to take a stand on preconceived notions to help reduce the impact of stereotypes. Individuality and different skills make us stronger.

Furthermore, EDF Group celebrates diversity annually trought an all-week theme. In 2017, we brought awereness to our employees by inviting them to write on a virtual fresco their own invidual engagement towards diversity.