In coming years, EDF Group will face major challenges as the energy sector, within which it is one of the leading players, undergoes profound change. It will overcome these challenges through a major recruitment drive, primarily in technical roles but also in a range of other fields.

Challenges to overcome

A leading international energy supplier, EDF has the ambition to produce zero carbon electricity in complete safety.
To do so, EDF Group must provide solutions to major industrial problems and commit to massive investment in the following fields:

  • Production, whether nuclear or renewable
  • Modernisation of the distribution network with the development of smart grids and the widespread roll-out of Linky smart meters
  • Innovation, in customer relations for the development of new products and services, in R&D with the EDF Lab research centre in Saclay in close proximity to some of the country’s most prestigious academic facilities, and in training with the EDF Campus training centre in Saclay

Lastly, the COP 21 international climate change conference, who was held in Paris at the end of 2015, has lead to the implementation of ambitious policies in energy performance and efficiency, fields in which EDF Group already boast a serious commitment.

Recruiting to realize our ambition

We will only be able to achieve these goals by consolidating and refreshing our pool of competences, embodied by the expertise of our 159 000-strong international team. To make our plans a reality, EDF will recruit 2 000 new staff this year.

This recruitment drive will focus on technical roles, which form EDF’s core competences, as well as roles in IT or support roles in finance and management.

In order to fulfil its recruitment needs, EDF has created a selection of tools to communicate with applicants, whether online (website, mobile apps, live chats, etc.) or face-to-face (school fora, regional jobs fairs, etc.), with targets such as recruitment process performance, equality between applicants, and open dialogue.